Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sculpture in the Summer Sunshine

I was inspired by Sandy at Witterings to post some sculpture I saw this past summer in various places outside in the sunshine.

The first group of sculptures are found at the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Des Moines, Iowa.

Spider by Louise Bourgeois.  It is a symbol of her beloved mother.

Juno by Debora Butterfield:

    Ancient Forest by Debora Butterfield:

    Five Plate Pentagon by Richard Serra.  It resembles 5 playing cards set up on their sides.

    In the Morning by Anthony Caro:

The next sculpture is found at the Des Moines Art Center in Des Moines, Iowa:

Three Cairns by Andy Goldsworthy:

The last group of sculptures are currently found at the Sierra Azul Nursery in Watsonville, California.  Unfortunately, I was remiss in recording the titles and artists of most of these sculptures.  They are all local Santa Cruz County artists sponsored by the Pajaro Valley Arts Council.

This is a 5 panel glass mosaic that can be viewed from either side depending upon where the sun is at a particular time.  It honors the strawberry fields and workers.  It was created by Kathleen Crocetti.


  1. I like ALL of these very much. They remind me of you-know-what. The horses get my Best of Show award

  2. I'm not so sure old mother Bourgeois would be so pleased. I do like Ms Butterfields horses (especially the second)
    Thank you for the mention.

  3. Sandy, in liner notes Louise referred to her mother as protective, strong, yet delicate.

  4. Scupturs are subject in themselves. What a wonderful collection. Gave me a few ideas also. Love the bottles off the end of the sticks. You asked about the rhubarb wine. Google and there are lots of recipes out there. But the easiest to get the juice is freeze the rhubarb first then put it in something so the juice will drain away. Then you are ready to start making the wine. It tastes very similair to chablis. I like it in the summer even mixed with ginger ale. Have a wonderful week.