Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friends, Food, and Fun in the Sunshine State

Our friends mean so much to us, and it is so hard to get together; only once a year for some of them and us.  So I just wanted to show us in the sunshine in front of Sue's beautiful pink azalea here in a special place in Florida in March 2011.

These are many of our California and Florida friends (but not all).  They are family. We play volleyball, tennis, scrabble, ping pong, and poker together, do puzzles and win trivia challenges, watch movies, go "dumpster diving", geocaching, and travelling with, but most of all, we spend quality time together with love and support that includes amazing food feasts and lots of laughter and fun.

Linda, Bill, Becky, Jim, Marge, Bill
Sue, Mick, Hovis, Jane, Dave
Elaine and Ron
Eyes Wide Shut Maggie and Tim