Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blue Clouds

Have you ever seen blue clouds?  I keep asking, but it seems as if most people have never seen blue clouds.  We have had a lot of rain lately (as noted earlier), but today the storms had started to break up and let the sun shine on us.  

On Highway 154 headed to Santa Barbara, I watched a short, fat rainbow (I've never seen one of those before either!) appear and disappear among the hills in the distance to my left.  

When I turned my head to look at what was developing outside to my right, I saw the blue clouds.  The blue clouds were centered in my view surrounded on the left, right, and underneath by gray clouds.  Directly above the blue clouds was a shock of white clouds and a bright blue sky.  

I tried to capture that view with my little digital camera, but I'm afraid it is just a pitiful attempt.  Use your imagination, and, I think, you might see the blue clouds in the lower center.   


  1. I have never seen "blue" clouds before! But looking closely at your picture I can certainly see where the blue comes in! Very cool! Thanks for sharing natures beauty with us.


  2. I LOVE CLOUDS PERIOD. True I have not really seen blue clouds before. Good eye, Becky. I see animals, people, shapes. Love cloud gazing. I will definitely be back to see your NEW blog, Good for you.

  3. BTW, you are a great BM artist! I have seen it...

  4. now you have two blogs going. I have a hard enough time coming up with material for one. This should be interesting. I like the picture you have above the ABOUT ME.